Express Espresso Repair

I may be a bit tired today, but I have my daily quota of cappuccinos, with minimal fuss today.

After 4?!? years, my Breville Cafe Roma was getting a bit messy inside.  It was just the filter screen, so I thought I would remove 1 screw to clean the screen, like I did when the machine was 1 month old.  It turns out that the screw was firmly corroded into the thermoblock, so with very little effort, I unscrewed just the head of the screw.  Now nothing held the screen (and pressure gasket!) in place.

$40 and a week to wait for a thermoblock to arrive.  I picked it up late Sunday afternoon to install.  Everything went very smoothly until trying to get the control knob off, for the last 7 screws to get to the thermoblock.  I eventually got in without breaking anything.  Then, re-assemble.  At 1:00AM, it is amazing how many ways you can drop a tiny screw, lock-wasker, the piece of metal it holds, or the nylon part that everything is fed through.  Add on that I should have made one last cappuccino before I started this….

But this morning, I had a very satisfying cup.  The thermoblock seems a bit quicker than the previous for coming up to temp, and it steams great.

I think I should just get to writing here more often….

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