Rock City – North Beach Espresso

Chris brought these beans to me from Maine. The beans looked very dark and oily. The taste was great. Usually, beans that look this dark and oily will be bitter, or have less depth to the flavour.

I noticed that I got less grind for the same unit of time as compared to most other beans. My grinder was cleaned just before putting the Rock City beans in. The beans tamped easily, looking very dark in the porta-filter. First cappuccino taste great. Strong flavour, lasts a while in your mouth. No bitterness at all. Same results after a bunch of capp’s. You definitely taste that these beans are roasted a bit longer than other beans I use regularly, but that edge does not turn bitter.

Smooth and strong when brewed as an Americano. I decided to try it that way on Thursday, even though Craig was in PEI. Craig often drops by for an Americano on his way to work on Thursday mornings.

My big surprise was how well a shot of espresso went down. Very smooth.

Chris had his usual assessment of a latté, “Nice beans, old bean.”. There was plenty of body to make lattés taste great.

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