Costco (Kirkland) Espresso Beans

I made a commitment to try new beans in my Espresso machine. A recent trip to Costco was when I was reminded. Reasonably inexpensive beans, and a chance to try what I had thought of for a while. These Kirkland-branded beans are supplied by Starbucks.

The beans themselves looked very oily, and smelled very roasted. Perhaps over-roasted, but I am not able to decide that from looking at beans. Let’s brew!

First reaction was that I must have over-extracted. It was bitter, but weak at the same time.

Fortunately, I am willing to make the sacrifice and keep drinking cappuccino. Pulling a shorter shot seemed to be the solution to the weaker brew, but the bitterness seemed to remain. I was also left with the feeling that I was using a double-shot of grounds to make a single-shot of espresso.

When I got back to the William Spartivento,, I was reminded that my first thoughts on this espresso were correct.